Venue Hire

We offer two types of hire here at Big Battles; Private Hire and Table Hire


Private Hire

This is where you can block book the entire venue for your gaming needs.  This may be for a private party to celebrate a birthday, or reunion, or to host a competition event, or simply get a bunch of like minded souls together and have a darned big game.   The entire venue is yours for the duration of the booking which can be for 1 or more days of the week.

The 18 tables can be aranged in any many ways to meet your specific gamning scenarios, from the typical rows of tables, to E, T, U and L shapes…

As each event will be different its always best to give us a call to discuss your needs so we can provide you a bespoke package for your event.

Please contact either

tel: 07539 111874

tel: 07429 422444

Table Hire

Here at Big Battles we want as many people to enjoy our expansive gaming tables as possible so they too can enjoy some big battles usually not possible due to limited space be that at their club or home.

As we are geared towards big battles on big gaming tables these tend to be all day events and therefore this is how we hire out our tables at a cost of £20 per day, with up to 4 people per table – that’s £5 per person, and we throw in Tea/Coffee and squash for free – yes that’s free, you may even be lucky enough to find edibles in the biscuit tin. – not bad for a complete days gaming I’d say!

We have 18 tables of 6ft x 4ft configured in three rows of 6 tables to provide 24ft x 6ft in each row.

Your table booking is flexible and we will endeavour to accommodate whatever table layout you need, for example if you book 4 tables you have 96sqft of gaming space which can be arranged a number of ways – please let us know your preference in the booking notes so we can prepare the tables for you:


Please use our online booking system to reserve your tables.

We have a selection of typical wargaming terrain which include, hills, roads, rivers, woods/trees, fences, walls, scatter pieces and a selection of buildings that you are welcome to use, otherwise please bring your own.

We also have dice and tape measures just in case you forget your own.

Please note – while  our table size is quoted in imperial measurements as this is what is typically used in the UK, but for many reasons  we will not go in to – ah well ok we will, the styrofoam we use is sold in metric measurements, as are the MDF sheets that form the table tops – well actually everything is sold in metric these days so our tables are actually 1.8m x 1.2m in size which to be more precise s is 5ft 10 4/5″  by 3ft 11 1/4″ so a tad under the 6x4ft but close enough for our needs.