Swordpoint – Chariot Wars Event (5th -6th October 2024)

Swordpoint – 1250pts Chariot Wars event, see below for full details.

Games will be played on a 8x6ft table.

There are a total of 18 places available.


£35.00 inc. VAT

15 Places Available

Detailed event information

The event will take place on 5th – 6th October 2024 at Big Battles, Unit 3 Cirencester Business Estate, Esland Place, Off Love Lane, Cirencester GL7 1YG.


Armies will total 1250 points and should be taken from the Chariot Armies book.


The event will be run using Version 2 of the Swordpoint Rulebook together with any errata published by Gripping Beast on or before 1st October 2024


Army lists must be submitted to no later than 13th September 2024. Tickets are available from the Big Battles ( Website.

There is no need to exchange army lists before the game unless the players wish to do so, but you should tell your opponent if your general has the Stratagem rule or your army incorporates an allied contingent. Note that a player with the Stratagem rule does not need to reveal which Stratagem he will be using until he uses it.


All tables will have terrain pre placed, there is no need to bring your own terrain.


See the Big Battles  (  website for details local food/drink options. Parking at the venue is free. It is suggested that players still use the Swindon North Premier Inn, which is 15 mins from the venue, as this has a great pub next door and is fairly priced comapred to accommodation in Cirencester.


Wil use the 32pts scoring system – details to follow.


There will be a total of 2 games played each day.

The first game on each day will be played to last man standing.

The 2nd game each day will be objective based and to army break point.

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