The Battle of Raseiniai

The Battle of Raseiniai (23–27 June 1941, Lithuania) was a large tank battle that took place in the early stages of Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The battle was fought between the elements of the German 4th Panzer Group and the Soviet 3rd and 12th Mechanised Corps, in Lithuania, 75 km (47 mi) north-west of Kaunas.

This battle was the first time the Germans encountered the mighty KV tanks and T-34s. Iinitially they struggled to counter them as their anti-tank weapons simply bounced off, they relied on bringing up the 88mm guns, and using whatever artillery they had to disable the tanks by shooting the tracks, even resorting to sticky bombs!

The soviets were hampered with no effective terrain maps of the area and were starved of fuel and ammo resupply due to the locations of these depots far from their current location and lack of adequate numbers of trucks to convoy the supplies needed.

In brief the Soviet 2nd Tank Division numbered almost 9,400 men and consisted of approximately 225 tanks including around 50 KVs plus 90 armoured cars.  The 6th Panzer division numbered 239 tanks, the bulk of the tanks being the Czech built Pz 35(t), with a solid core of Pz IV supported by Pz IIs and a few Pz IIIs.

Our game will focus on the counter attack made by the Soviet 2nd Tank Division of the 3rd Mechanised Corps following the capture of Raseiniai by the 6th Panzer Division. The battle front was only 10km wide so a large concentration of armour was possible.

The soviet objective is to take the town of Raseiniai, while the Germans is to re-establish the bridgehead over the Dubysa River and destroy the 2nd Tank Division.

Each player will command at least a Company level of forces (1000pts+), possibly up to a Battalion (1251+pts) depending on player numbers.

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