New Event:

We will be holding our first public WWII weekend event on 26th-27th August.

A WW2 game set in France, June 1940, the BEF have created a hasty defence tasked with holding back the German blitzkrieg for 48hrs and maintaining the evacuation route to Dunkirk open.

The game is played using the excellent Battlegroup Rules and the Blitzkrieg theatre supplement, using the superb 28mm figures and 1:48th scale models from 1st Corps ( 

The battle is fought over a 24ft by 18ft gaming area, using three rows of tables 24x6ft each with plenty of space for players to move around.  The terrain is all custom built and consists of a varied mix of terrain including a large river with several bridges, town, roads, and key objectives like a factory complex, farmhouse (or the meat grinder as our play testers have named it!) and the railway station.

The game is designed for 10 players, 5 per side, where one player from each side becomes overall force commander who also controls a command and has the added responsibility of deploying the reserves and allocating any off-board resources.

The game is fully umpired throughout the entire weekend, and we provide everything from the tables, figures, vehicles rules, dice, tapes, army lists, QRS, unit cards as well as the essentials of morning donuts and free tea, coffee, and squash throughout the weekend.