Big Warhammer Fantasy Weekend

This weekend Big Battles hosted a private gaming event of Warhammer Fantasy (8th Ed) with well over 80,000pts across 10 players (5 per side).

The weekend started at 2pm Friday with each player being allocated randomly a bag of gold coins which were then used to bid on both Magic Items and Mercenary Units – surprising how much people will pay for a Dispel Scroll!

Following the auction, the forces of good and evil chose their players deployment locations and deployed their Vanguards (1000 to 1600pts), and battle commenced.

From Turn 3 onwards players main force had a chance to come on which all did before time was called around 7pm.

Day two continued with the remnants of the vanguard and players main battle forces fighting over the objectives. From Turn 7 the rear guard (1000-1600pts) had a chance to come on… by turn 9 all forces were on the table.

Day 3 the fight continued with most forces very much depleted and fierce fighting over several key objectives.

Overall the forces of evil carried the day and secured the magical gate.

Player Brief:

Nailin shifted his position to get more comfortable on the hard rocks of the northern Black Mountain slopes. Spread before him was a mist shrouded valley. No natural mist obscured the strange noises coming from below, as it had a greenish tinge and swirled slowly against the wind. Muffled shrieks rose up from the cloaked valley floor. Moans and cries that hinted at words, as they drifted away before their meaning could be grasped. It made Nailin shiver down to the tips of his beard.

Nailin had been rangering in these mountains for many years, but had never before seen a gathering like this. Dwarf legend foretells this valley as being cursed, blemished from the Chaos Wars many centuries before. In more recent times Men have settled here from the Empire. The Clan Elders of Hirn made friends with their new northern neighbours. Sharing news, trading and guarding the routes that run through the Dwarvern Clan lands.

The Men had no knowledge of the ancient ties this valley had to Chaos. Dwarves remembered though, the Daemon’s slain and monsters driven from those cursed lands. A Dwarf recognised the vile taint that Daemons had left even after being banished. The rocks still ‘spoke’ of the corrupting poison of Chaos that, however faint, remained.

Two months back King Alrik Ranulfsson received a most unusual visitor. A Slann Mage Lord no less! Croaking on about a rift and tear in reality. Black magics were focussing to rip open a gate in the valley. Daemons would come into the World unless something prevented this event. Now none of this talk made any sense to Alrik, but he’s a wise King and he knew that a Slann Lord would never travel half a world to these cold mountains for no reason. A watch was set and the Rangers sent forth. Before long a force of Chaos Warriors was seen heading from the east towards the valley. Alrik sent warning to the Imperials but the local Empire villages were overrun and lost to a swiftly advancing force of noisome warriors.

This was no raid. The cursed ones started some form of ritual. From the mountain slopes the Dwarves could see swirling magics and dancing, slightly putrescent, lights at night. The mist started to appear, shrouding the valley from sight, but not concealing the eerie noises drifting up in the wind. Dark forces started to gather. The Rangers have spotted Thaggoraki, the ratkin, Grobbi and more Gors congregating in dark places and then heading into the valley.

Three days ago a strong force of Lizard folk appeared from the South, joining their Lord. A large force of Imperials has arrived from the North, bring with them a mercenary band of Ogres. King Alrik has also gathered the Throng. It is time to cleanse the valley of these Chaos invaders and prevent them from completing whatever accursed magic they have started. As a prelude to the attack the Slann Lord casts his own magic to clear the unholy fetid mist, slowly revealing waiting hordes of various servants of Chaos.

Amongst the swarming Chaos hordes two main locations can be espied. An ancient stone circle and a ruined wizards tower. It seems that from these nodes of magic the Chaos are creating rift gates, bringing forth lost banished Daemons. Those who channel the winds can feel the gates swelling in power. They must be closed soon or more Daemons will be summoned.

Now on to the eye candy

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