Progress on gaming tables…

Its been a while since I posted an update…  as you can see from the images below we have made significant progress on the tables:

We now have a 24ft long track on the centre table, with and 18ft river at right angles to the track.

As well as the necessary hills, broken ground, rock out crops, and depressions we also have a couple of fantasy towers, a large escarpment down one side (18ft long!),  a large church with graveyard, grounds and enclosing wall with gates occupying a 1200m x 600mm tile, our take on stone henge, a few woods and ponds, marshes etc,

The base flock colour has been added to all the boards apart from the church and the escarpment as these still needs some work on them before being flocked.

Next steps are to finish the church and escarpment and the base layer of flock and then start adding the different shades/lengths of flock to remove the billard table effect.

We will also be adding a few tufts (ok a darned lot of tufts!) to break up the ground and provide a more realistic effect.

Will also be adidng a few more trees, bushes and other ground scenics as needed.

Once all this is done the its the big resin pour for the river and other water areas (quite nervous about this as never done a resin pour like this before!)

The first outing for this terrain will be the last weekend of October for a private event booking which will see almosts 100,000pts of warhammer fantasy (8th ed) figures fighting over the terrain!