A quick update…

We have now built all 18 tables, painted all the tops a lovely green colour and varnished them for protection. Some other cosmetic work done around the unit that I forget to take photos of!

We have also numbered all the tables and started to add the removable sides to each table – we run out of washers otherwise would have finished (Wickes is only 400yds away and is doing well out of us!). These ends are too keep the Styrofoam boards we are going to use for our terrain in place.

Each board is 50mm deep so this will allow for us to cut some nice deep rutted tracks, or gulley’s. Rivers will be sunken and actually have river banks and not “sit on top” of the terrain. We can of course then go as high as we like for hills and other terrain features.

We expect the terrain making will start in June.

That odd looking device on table 1 is our new toy – a 1.07metre wide Styrofoam cutter – looking forward to playing with that as our Styrofoam boards are 2500x600x50mm. as each table is 1800x1200mm we have decided to work in tiles of 600x600mm. Though we also aim to minimise the number of tiles used (to reduce the joins) by using 1200,, 1800 and even 2400×600 where the terrain enables us to do so.

Our first weekend event is planned to be operation Sea lion – using 7.2M by 5.4M (roughly 24ft x 18ft) of gaming table – sadly probably not before January