One month on…

We have now been in just over a month and made some excellent progress in getting the venue ready:

  • 18 tables made, we just have a bit of finishing off to do with the lower shelf on some of them and  add the edging to the tables to retain the Styrofoam terrain.  Then  its a final coat of green paint and matt varnish to protect the table top so we are not forever repainting it green
  • Almost 600 carpet tiles laid – no more nasty cold concrete floor to stand on
  • 50mm Styrofoam delivered – we expect to start making scenery late May
  • We have started to furnish the reception area we have one sofa so far, coffee table and of course a table for the all important donut tray and coffee/tea making facilities
  • Our office desks arrived along with PC and painting station – still work to do here but the office is getting there.
  • Also lots of little jobs done, like adding vacant/engaged bolts to toilet doors, changing the manky handles on doors to new, and of course we continue to paint
  • The stairs to office (or as some would believe the bar/observation deck) have been removed and totally renovated – they were somewhat worse for wear before that.

We have also managed to have a few fun games – our latest was a ww2 game using a small portion of the tables- 12x6ft)