and a bit more rennovation …

The landlord has continued to work on the property cleaning up and painting, not to mention we now have a new kitchenette and toilets.

The sparkies are working week making sure we have plenty of power sockets and replacing the old lighting with bright new modern LED lights.

You can even see our first (unfinished) prototype table lurking in the corner of the unit behind Derek.

Lots more work on the renovation to be done, including painting walls, painting some floor areas, others will be carpeted.  We also looking to put in a some partition walls, oh and a host of other stuff.

The heavy lifting  in terms of unit renovation will occur when we officially take over the premises on 1st April and the landlords workmen have finished, as at present its awkward to do anything with the electric on and off, and two other sets of workers doing their stuff!  Although we will probably need to wait until April time for the new doors to be fitted.