It has begun…

Well after nearly 2 years delay due to the Covid pandemic we have finally found and agreed a lease on a property in Cirencester for our new adventure, Big Battles – gaming on big tables. We aim to sign the lease in mid Februrary, with a planned move in date of 1st April, though we may have some limited access for work to begin in March depending when the current occupants hand back the keys and the refurb work can be done.

The venue is almost 2000 sq ft of space and while we have yet to finalise the table layout we are planning at least 3 modular gaming tables at a minimum they will be 24ftx4ft, 24ft x 6ft and 24ft x 4ft giving a total of 24ftx14ft of gaming space; providing 336sq ft of tabletop compared to the normal 24 sq ft of tabletop you get on a regular 6x4ft table. We did say Big Battles did’nt we!